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DSE Assessments

>Bad PostureWe offer Advanced Display Screen Equipment Work Station Assessments for those suffering from musculoskeletal pain in the workplace.

Do You Suffer From Musculoskeletal Problems In Your Workplace? Do you work on a computer for a large part of your day? Do you suffer from frequent headaches, stiff or sore wrists and feel tension in your neck and shoulders?

Do you frequently lift heavy items? If so, you may benefit from an in depth assessment of your work station followed by a report on the findings supplied with recommendations of ergonomic products that will help you to be more comfortable at work. A medical history is taken and thereafter a comprehensive assessment of your workstation is carried out.

A written report containing recommendations relevant to your condition and work station is then sent to your employer (this can take up to five working days).

DSE Assessments 12 per day From £240 (Rates depend on numbers and distance travelled)

These are four page reports. Each assessment is carried out at the employees workstation and takes about 20 minutes plus report completion time. Adjustments, ergonomics advice and recommendations might be made during the assessments.

Advanced DSE Assessments (one to one) From £240 (Rates depend on numbers and distance traveled)

These assessments are very comprehensive lasting over an hour with the employee and mainly for someone suffering from regular musculo-skeletal aches and pains, such as: Sciatica, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Neck, Shoulder, Arm or Lower Back Pain to name a few.We provide a comprehensive 8 page report, which highlights the cause of pain, any adjustments or advice the assessor makes on the day, plus ergonomic items that may be suggested to improve the employees workstation ergonomics, reduce any discomfort they have at work and aid increased productivity as a preferred outcome.

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"My experience with you was great, friendly and knowledgeable. Carmel persisted in finding out what was wrong, even though my symptoms did not make this easy. You sorted it! I have no back pain and felt the benefits almost the next day. Thank You". Samina West Ealing


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