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How is the massage carried out?

It can be carried out as a full body massage including back, abdomen (optional), arms, legs, feet, or you could just choose one part of the body such as upper or lower back.

There are two positions that could be used :

  • Patient lays on her side - supported by pillows and towels under her head, tummy and knees for her comfort - to enable access to the back. Patient will be properly covered at all times, except for the area being massaged.
  • A seated position can also be used with appropriate supports and the patient’s head and arms resting on the massage table. This position also allows good access to the neck, back and shoulders especially where lying down feels uncomfortable.

The massage can be done directly on the skin with oil or just through the clothes, according to preference.



I run a small but successful pet visiting and dog walking business. Because of the nature of my work with dogs sometimes my shoulders & neck suffer pain. Luckily I got recommended to Carmel at Northfields Chiropractic & I can say things have greatly improved. She identified my problem of tendonitis straight away & treated it with a mixture of chiropractic & deep tissue work. I can honestly say my range of neck & shoulder movements haven't felt so good as this in ages!

Maxine Ealing


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